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Frank Cordell
Ring of Bright Water (1969)

Original Soundtrack music by Frank Cordell

Well worth having even if you've got the LP suite - it's lovely

01 - He fixed me with his beady eyes
02 - Midge makes himself at home
03 - This Otter had become a part of me
04 - Midge takes the train
05 - Over the Hill to the Cottage
06 - Minor Repairs - Beachcombing
07 - Parade Of The Goslings
08 - Dog & Otter
09 - Eels for meals - The gentle Basking Shark
10 - Shark Hunt
11 - Midge finds a Mate
12 - Midge is missing
13 - Search and Rescue of injured Otter
14 - Otter takes a lotta time to recover
15 - The Big Aquarium Show
16 - The Changing Seasons
17 - Dog & Otter - John Leaves for London
18 - The Coat - Midges Fatal Walk
19 - Midge is Dead
20 - Midge's Mate and young -
Ring of Bright Water (sung by Val Doonican)

20 track film Rip (inc. dialogue etc.) @ 320

Daily Star editor wipes her arse on the British People, democracy and freedom (Again)

Complaint made to The Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO)
regarding the Daily Star's disgraceful headline
"MP Dead after attack by Brexit Gunman",
date of article 17/06/2016
Clause(s) breached:
1.) Accuracy
'Brexit Gunman' is factually baseless and functions as an attempt to associate the Brexit campaign with the alleged killer of MP Jo Cox
4.) Intrusion into grief or shock
Whilst the public and most of the media and politicians have suspended campaigning as a mark of respect to Jo Cox's family the Daily Star uses this tragedy to score a cheap political point and causes an added distress to concerned Brexiters by making an association between the alleged killer of Jo Cox and the Brexit campaign.
9.) Reporting of crime
Trial by Tabloid!
10.) Clandestine devices and subterfuge
subterfuge is deceit used in order to achieve one's goal in this case of smearing the Brexit camp

meet the editor



See our little Dawn dance at leveson

Roy Fox & his Orchestra
Writing a Letter to You

@ 320 (scans inc)

Ambrose and his orchestra (late 30's)

@ 320 (scans included)

Van Phillips and his Band (1928 - 34)

@ 320 (covers inc)
flac (covers inc)

The Young Mantovani 1935 - 39

As Seen at Butlins Holiday Camp (flac)

Teddy Joyce
The Lights Are Low the Music Is Sweet

@ 320 (booklet included)

Amazing Gracie
The Incomparable Gracie Fields (1928-34)

@ 320


The Best of the
British Dance bands

How can you say "No"

Joe Daniels
Drummer goes to Town

@ 320 (scans included)

The Dance Band Days

Henry Hall & the New BBC Orchestra
Ambrose & his Orchestra
Lew Stone & his Band with Al Bowlly
Roy Fox & his Band
Geraldo & his Orchestra
Jack Payne & his BBC Dance Orchestra
Jack Hylton & his Ballroom Orchestra
Harry Roy & his Orchestra
Billy Cotton & his Band
Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra
Ted Lewis & his Band
Nat Gonella & his New Georgians
Carroll Gibbons & the Savoy Hotel Orpheans
Maurice Winnick & his Orchestra
etc. etc. etc.

Discs 1 & 2 @ 320 (scans inc)

Discs 3 & 4 @ 320

Discs 5 & 6 @ 320

Ambrose & his Orchestra
Swing is in the air (late '30s)

@ 320

Jack Jackson & his Orchestra
Make Those People Sway (1933/34)

@ 320 (covers included)

flac (covers included)